What is Air Canada Cancellation Policy?

Details On Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada is the name that does not demand any introduction in the flight business. The customers can enjoy several facilities and facilities in the airline. Sometimes the customers have to cancel their flight tickets in Air Canada, but we would suggest if they head to go through the cancellation policy. This is why we are mentioning the cancellation policy underneath. The policy will help you make aware of all the rules and statutes of the cancellation in Air Canada.

Cancellation Policy of Air Canada

  • If the airline cancels the flight due to internal corporate purposes, then they will make you rebook your flight ticket in Air Canada.
  • If the airline cancels the flight ticket because of the bad weather, then the airline will not give a refund, but they will pay you with all the discount vouchers, and free meal passes.
  • Also, if the passengers are cancelling the flight tickets that are within 24 hours of the date of purchase, then they will not have to pay any cancellation charges. Also, the flight should be booked seven days prior to the scheduled departure.

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This was all of the Air Canada Cancellation Policy. We hope that the above steps are clear to you. If not, then you can truly take the help of Air Canada customer support. Talking about the cancellation prices, the airline charges the passengers based on the fare type, route, and destination that the passengers have chosen.

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